S.T.A.R. - Stonecrest Telemedicine Awareness and Response Coalition
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Important stakeholders, government and political groups, businesses and merchants, medical centers, hospitals, medical professionals, doctors and advanced nurse practitioners, nurses, healthcare workers, human services, and the community are taking interests and endeavors to bring effective, quality, and affordable Telehealth and Telemedicine, distant, and electronic healthcare to residents of Stonecrest, Lithonia, and DeKalb County. 

Healthcare is increasingly changing to include more electronic and distant care and treatment for people with various physical and mental diseases. From urban to rural communities, telemedicine may bring another quality of healthcare for individuals with limited resources to travel long distances for medical care. Have you ever wonder how you could provide treatment for your patients through telemedicine? What financial investment and infrastructure medical professionals need to create telemedicine services for clients? How does the patient view telemedicine services? What are the best telemedicine methods for a physician or nurse practitioner to use with patients? What are the major differences between telemedicine and telehealth? What are the challenges of implementing telemedicine and how to overcome them? What new and innovative telemedicine care being used in hospitals and medical offices? What are ways caregivers may dispel telemedicine fears while caring for loved one?

Virginia G. Pierce-Kelly Director of TeleWellness

Telehealth and Telemedicine Links

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Virginia G. Pierce-Kelly

Butterfly Journey Human Services, LLC

Email: butterflyjourneyhs@gmail.com

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